Where to buy the most authentic souvenir in Valencia

    2/20/20 11:07 AM

    Do you travel with a desire for authenticity? Do you want to take home a unique souvenir that can only be found in the city you are visiting? 

    If the answer is yes, we'll help you make the right choice. Then you can always say: I bought it in Valencia! 

    Choose somethingtypical and find it in the historical centre 

    We invite you to wander around the streets in search of traditional trade around the Plaza Redonda or the Calle de las Cestas, where you will find handmade wickerwork or leather goods. 

    There are still many emblematic shops in this area, such as Abanicos Vibenca (Plaza Lope de Vega, 5), where you can see how they are hand painted, following a family business tradition since 1910. Wide-brimmed pamelas, headdresses, hats and caps, both modern and vintage, can be found in another historic shop born in 1820. So, if you are looking for a hat, let yourself be advised by Sombreros Albero (Xàtiva, 21), they are experts! 

    If you want to take regional gourmet products, stop by the Salazonarte stand at the Central Market. The tradition of pickles and salted fish takes shape there. Try their codfish rinds (a very Valencian snack), the more than 20 types of olives, mojama or dried codfish or ask for them to take away. Just opposite the Central Market is Original CV (Plaza del Mercado, 35), a delight both for its products, which come from the Valencian Community, and for the store itself: an old pharmacy whose wooden coffered ceiling and 19th century ceramics have been preserved. 

    If you are looking for other even more unique products, we recommend Joaquín Guzmán Antigüedades (Tapinería, 16), where, in addition to antique pieces, you can also buy the typical socarrat tile. You will not find it anywhere else. Along the same lines, and very close to the Marqués de Dos Aguas Palace, the Noël Ribes Gallery (Vilaragut, 7) offers a careful selection of antiques and contemporary art. 


    Fashion and more fashion in the Ensanche District 

    Another proposal no less attractive is the entire commercial offer around the Mercado de Colón and adjacent areas. Fashion shops such as Il Baco da seta (Isabel la Católica, 16), Max Mara (Pascual y Genís, 18), Dodowear (Barcas, 5), Opticas Climent (Barcelonina, 8), which brings us the latest fashion for our eyes or Poppyns (Isabel la Catòlica, 21), a modern concept store that combines fashion, events and a cafeteria in an exquisite way. 

    Men also have their own space and to dress up elegant and modern there is nothing better than getting advice from Hannover 1998 (Hernán Cortés, 29) or Blackcape (Hernán Cortés, 21). We are sure that after this route you will need a break; we suggest you take a break at Vegamar Selección (Colón, 37) and taste one of their wines, or at Mantequerías Vicente Ferrero (Sorní, 38), to try (or take away) the best Valencian snacks: sausages, cheeses, wines, liqueurs... Prepare your suitcase for the return trip! 


    The most exclusive shopping route 

    The Valencian Golden Mile can be found in Poeta Querol street, which brings together brands such Lladró (Poeta Querol, 9), the firm of porcelain figures that was born in Valencia and exports its creations all over the world. 

    And we have come across the jewels! Rafael Torres Joyero (La Pau, 5), with 120 years of experience in high jewellery and watchmaking has a shop paradise that offers pieces with diamonds from Antwerp, the best brands of watches or jewels with exclusive designs. Don't miss either the carefully designed custom pieces by Siete Gallery (Hernán Cortés, 28) and the spectacular designs by Vicente Gracia Joyas (La Pau, 4), with designs inspired by Hispanic Islamic culture and Sufi poetry. 

    The concept stores have also arrived in Valencia. Don't miss Son de Mar or Poppyns, very carefully designed spaces where you can find everything from fashion and accessories to cosmetics, technology, decoration and books. And in Poppyns, even a cafeteria! 


    Alternative shopping 

    If you prefer the alternative shopping, you must visit the Barrio del Carmen District and walk through its peculiar streets, where you can find the Mercado de Tapinería, a unique space where trade and the gastronomconverge to offer the buyer an extraordinary experience. Itinerant shops that change every week, in an area closed to traffic, with an open-air terrace and music at almost every hour. You won't want to leave! 

    If you do, get lost in the bohemian Ruzafa district, an inspiring area where you can find fashion, art galleries and decoration, in an artistic and intellectual environment that leaves no one indifferent. Here we recommend you visit El Vestidor Vintage (Gran Via de les Germanies, 14), a vintage and second-hand fashion and accessory shop selling the most exclusive brands. Those with a sweet tooth cannot leave without trying the famous truffles from Trufas Martínez (Russafa, 12) or the chocolates from Utopick (Matias Perelló, 14), with such Valencian ingredients as marcona almonds, saffron or oranges (but real oranges!). 


    All in one, for those who have little time 

    If you only have a few hours and you promised your nephew, friend or mother that you would bring him something from Valencia, go to one of the shopping malls. At El Corte Inglés (Pintor Sorolla, Nuevo Centro and Avenida de Francia), with several establishments in the city, you can find everything and get the advice you need.  

    And as we have something for everyone, if you are a footballer you will have to go to the shops of the local team, Valencia CF (Plaça de l'Ajuntament, 28). Or if you are a collector, take a shirt from the Hard Rock Café (Marqués de Sotelo, 6) and tell everyone that you bought it in Valencia! 

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