Tips and recommendations to get to know the essence of the city

    Four exhibitions you shouldn't have missed in Valencia

    We would have liked to welcome you in the rooms of our best museums and contemplate you while you visited four exhibitions...

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    This will also pass

    Split in two, torso and head, the enormous figure of a meditating woman presided over the square of Valencia's Town Hall for...

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    Plans you can't even imagine in the convents of València

    Walking around a convent, walking through the rooms of a monastery, observing its paintings, getting lost in its courtyards......

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    10 hidden jewels that will delight you in València

    When you visit a city you can easily overlook some of the “jewels " hidden from the major tourist attractions or those that...

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    Ten must-sees during the Fallas de València

    As every year, with the arrival of March the city begins to smell of gunpowder, the Fallas people dust off their smocks and...

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