Tips and recommendations to get to know the essence of the city

    Christmas in Valencia offers the best activities

    With the arrival of December, Valencia dresses up for Christmas. The streets are dyed red, white and green, fir trees preside...

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    22 designer souvenirs to feel the essence of Valencia 

    Some cities are like kaleidoscopes, able to display constantly changing geometric compositions depending on your perspective....

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    Valencian souvenirs: don't buy more falleras magnets

    The gifts that visitors can acquire to remember the city range from food to ceramics, art and textiles. With a bit of good taste,...

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    Paella, horchata or esgarraet: Valencian recipes prepare at home

    We've never had so much time to cook (or to do so many other things); so grab your apron and dare to prepare some of the most...

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    Where to buy the most authentic souvenir in Valencia

    Do you travel with a desire for authenticity? Do you want to take home a unique souvenir that can only be found in the city you...

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