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    Christmas in Valencia offers the best activities

    12/1/23 1:27 PM

    With the arrival of December, Valencia dresses up for Christmas. The streets are dyed red, white and green, fir trees preside over markets and squares, the smell of roasted chestnuts takes over the busiest shopping areas, and Christmas lights illuminate the city's neighborhoods.

    Activities abound at this time of year, and the agenda is almost endless: markets, concerts, children's fairs, ice rinks, theater, nativity scenes or circuses...

    You decide what excites you, and Valencia makes it happen!

    Christmas decorations and ice rinks: the classics that never fail

    Christmas comes every year, but building the atmosphere is up to us, and in Valencia, we know it well. There's a reason we're the land of flowers, light and love.

    That is why the city does its part to spruce up the streets of its neighborhoods with lights that transport us to times of joy: especially the most central shopping streets. But the municipal markets and iconic buildings, such as the facade of city hall, are also decorated with colorful Christmas lights in Valencia.

    They're accompanied by the traditional Christmas trees and, of course, the skating rink and the merry-go-round in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, as well as the merchants' train, one of the favorite attractions for the little ones.

    And nativity scenes, of course. But that deserves its own section.

    Nativity scene route: another Christmas tradition

    Setting up the nativity scene every Christmas is a truly Valencian tradition that is passed down from generation to generation.

    In addition to homes, several associations and institutions set up theirs in various locations around the city, the vast majority of which can be visited. You can see one of the most spectacular ones in the Crystal Room of City Hall, but there is a whole route of nativity scenes through Valencia.

    Choose the one that fits your plans best, because Christmas without a nativity scene is just not the same.

    Christmas street markets in Valencia

    If you don't buy an original gift, it's because you don't want to.

    Drop by any of the street markets that are set up in Valencia at Christmas to supplement the extensive shopping options that the city already has: crafts, toys, gastronomic products, fashion... These markets have it all.

    A great advantage is that they are all over the city, not just in the center.

    The central districts boast places like the Crafts Fair in Plaza de la Reina, the handicraft exhibition at the Mercado de Colón and the Mercado de Tapinería.

    And away from the center too: the Mercado de Reyes in Cabanyal, the one in the City of Arts and Sciences, and the Christmas Market in Primado Reig.

    In addition to stands with items for all tastes, many of them have additional activities for adults and children. Check their schedule before going so you don't miss a thing.

    Expojove, circuses, fair and children's activities: non-stop options

    And speaking of activities, this is another highlight of this time of year, as the range of plans for the whole family goes up exponentially.

    The Christmas schedule in Valencia is up to the task of thrilling the little ones, who, between the vacation from school and the excitement of the most magical holidays of the year, want lots of fun.

    If there is one event that has cemented itself as essential for the youngest every Christmas, it's Expojove, the Valencia Children's and Youth Fair, with performances, workshops, music and much more. It's the perfect way to spend an entire morning, afternoon or even the whole day, because it's highly entertaining and offers countless activities.

    Other must-sees in the city every year are the amusement fair and the circus.

    The circus offerings every Christmas season are provided courtesy of the most popular companies in the country, such as the Wonderland Circus, Alaska Circus, and others.

    New Year's Eve and the Three Kings Parade: two very intense days

    Surely New Year's Eve and the Epiphany are the best days for going out at Christmas, given the celebrations organized by the city on those dates.

    To celebrate New Year's Eve, on December 31, Valencia's Plaza del Ayuntamiento is transformed into a large dance floor with live DJ performances before, during and after the bells, which ring out right at midnight so everyone can eat their lucky grapes.

    But it's not just in Plaza del Ayuntamiento; fireworks and music also ring out in unison in other parts of the city.

    And on January 5, the vast majority of us take to the streets to experience the Three Kings parade, which runs through the city, disembarking at the port in the afternoon before heading to Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

    Christmas is a spectacle full of cultural activities

    We can't finish this list of things to do in Valencia at Christmas without talking about the schedule of shows, which is full of events for all tastes.

    Musicals like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "Grease The Musical" and "Cruz de Navajas" are some of the productions that will be in the city at this time.

    Along with more classical genres such as the traditional "Cant de la Sibil'la in the Valencia Cathedral", a series of concerts at the Palau de la Música, the iconic Christmas concert in the Church of San Juan de la Cruz, one with pieces by John Williams for Disney, a symphonic concert with a tribute to Harry Potter by The Royal Tributes Orchestra.

    And these are just a few! Check out Valencia's Christmas calendar, which is packed with cultural events for the holidays.

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