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    Tips and recommendations to get to know the essence of the city

    Summer 2022 in Valencia: the place to be

    This summer, Valencia is the place to be.

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    13 summer terraces in Valencia: afternoon and evening bar-hopping

    In Valencia, it's not enough to live life to the fullest on summer nights. The good weather means that afternoons are now part of...

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    In the footsteps of Javier Goerlich: the architect who designed the new Valencia

    The city of Valencia as we know it and love it today would be unthinkable if not for the work of Javier Goerlich. Son of Franz...

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    Clóchina season is here!

    That Valencians love eating well and seafood products is a known fact, but beginning in May, it becomes even more true, if that’s...

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    A day of design in the Valencia neighborhoods of Ensanche and Ruzafa

    The rough texture of the oranges of this land, the colored lines that intertwine in a hand-painted tile, the shiny threads that...

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    Discovering Valencia through its signs

    You may never have stopped to think about it, but Valencia is also recognizable by its signs. Small works of art that define the...

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