Don´t let the music stop!

    4/2/20 5:13 PM

    It's in our veins: music is part of the DNA of the Valencians. And it doesn't matter if we must stay at home, because the more than 40,000 musicians in the territory of Valencia have not stopped playing, even though the auditoriums are closed. Do you want to see how and when? Well, come on, we'll show you!

    Music is proving in this crisis that it is more than ever a tool for unity and calm. Citizens from all over the world are encouraging their neighbours to overcome the confinement with songs. And València, with its intense musical tradition, could not be less. A few days ago,  dozens of musicians went out to the balconies, all of them together, to perform two of the most popular pasodobles (a fast-paced Spanish military march used by infantry troops)

     of the local repertoire:


    The members of the Orquesta de València and the Banda Sinfónica Municipal are playing from home to encourage us from their Facebook profile, where they have already left us some videos like this:



    But you can see them in action and in 360º in this concert fragment (drag the mouse by the video) offered in the Palau de la Música.



    At the Palau de les Arts, the singers and pianists of the Centre de Perfeccionament continue to prepare their next projects with this energy:

    We have saved for the end of this post the creativity of the students of the Berklee College School of Music, with its European headquarters in Valencia. Keep an eye on their social networks for the next edition of Stay at Home Fest, an online festival that will have you humming again. Because today more than ever, music is the emotional life of most people (Leonard Cohen). 


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