Tips for the best beach day in Valencia

    Tips for the best beach day in Valencia

    5/22/23 10:19 AM

    Valencia’s beaches are paradise. Why, you ask? Because they offer much more than sun, sea and sand. Malvarrosa and Cabanyal have many more activities in addition to a refreshing dip in the sea and sunbathing. Opt for a fun recreational water activity, enjoy a culinary experience with all the flavour of the Mediterranean or relax on the sun loungers. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your day. Put on your swimsuit, grab a towel and experience a beach day at Malvarrosa and Cabanyal to the fullest.


    1.Start off with a healthy burst of adrenaline

    The sun is out, and it’s time to begin the day with one of the water-based activities on offer at Valencia’s beaches. You can choose from Jet Skis, paddleboarding or windsurfing, to give a few examples … If you like adrenaline, Jet Skis are ideal for a dose of energy. Move across the sea at full speed and feel the refreshing sea breeze.


    If you’d prefer something a bit more relaxed, but you're also the sporty type, opt for a paddleboarding or windsurfing lesson. In Valencia, you can learn the theoretical aspects or spend a few hours doing them. You don't have to be an expert or have experience in either of these activities. The wind and sea conditions, which are not usually too rough, have allowed many to get their start in these waters. There are windsurfing and paddleboarding options for beginners and adepts.

    Start off with a healthy burst of adrenaline

    Another possibility is a ride on a banana boat. This is an inflatable banana pulled by a motorboat at top speed, hopping across the swell until you finally, and inevitably, fall into the water. Come on, daredevils, let’s see how long you and your friends can stay on top of the banana!


    2.Now to chill out: relaxing massage and deck chair

    After your activities in the sea, you’ve earned a rest. It’s almost noon and you’re feeling like a bit of the royal treatment. This is your beach day, and it's not enough to just spread out your towel on the sand. Relax the way you deserve in a nice deck chair with an umbrella.


    Now to chill out: relaxing massage and deck chair

    Mar y Sombra is the solution for your comfort needs. The service has deck chairs and stands selling beverages, ice cream, sandwiches and accessories for your perfect beach day. Plus, there are expert masseurs/masseuses to leave your body and mind feeling like new. Monday–Friday, you get a free deck chair with purchase of a massage. Relax while gazing out at the beauty of the sea.


    3.Sample an authentic Valencian paella by the sea …

    When hunger begins to strike, nothing better than a lovely rice dish at one of the restaurants on the promenade. No matter what. This is something that should always be on your must-do list when you come to Valencia. The fact is, there are few things as Valencian and also as international as a delicious paella. And if you can enjoy it by the sea, the taste is even better.


    Here are a few recommendations for that very Valencian ‘gastro moment’. There is an extensive selection of restaurants specializing in rice dishes along these stretches of beach. Some of the most popular spots are: Brasserie Sorolla, La Alegría de la Huerta, Casa Carmela and Casa Isabel.

    Sample an authentic Valencian paella by the sea

    But there are many more options to choose from and book a table. Check out the list of restaurants here and choose the one that most appeals to you.


    Booking in advance is advised. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the starters, pure Valencian tapas eating, including esgarraet (roasted red pepper and salt cod salad), clochinas (Mediterranean mussels), tellinas and baby cuttlefish, as well as a long list of rice dishes, fish and seafood!


    4.Cool down with some horchata (tiger nut milk) and fartons (sweet bread)

    Afternoon has come, and you feel like something sweet and refreshing because the beach burns a lot of energy. It’s time for horchata and fartons. This typical Valencian beverage was created many years ago in Alboraya (a town five minutes from the city). The sweet, refreshing drink is made from tiger nuts, and it is usually enjoyed as an afternoon snack with fartons, a sweet bread dipped in the horchata. The perfect pairing!

    Cool down with some horchata (tiger nut milk) and fartons (sweet bread)

    On the promenade, you’ll find a number of cafés where you can sample this delicacy. Remember that tiger nuts are exclusive to Valencia. They even have a designation of origin.


    5.Don’t miss the sunset, they say its colour is mauve …

    Few scenes and moments are as inspiring as a sunset on the sea. And on Valencia's beaches, the atmosphere makes them unique. What is more, they say the colours of the sunset light are mauve and pink … That’s something you’ll want to see, isn't it? The best option is to grab a seat at one of many beach bars along the promenade. You can order a cocktail, soft drink or something to snack on as you watch the sky change from blue to violet, mauve, pink … and sometimes even red.

    Don’t miss the sunset, they say its colour is mauve

    If instead of a beach bar, you'd prefer something smarter, Varadero is the ideal spot. There you can make an evening of it, having drinks with friends, sampling craft beers and savouring unique tapas.


    6.Say goodbye to your day with dinner at La Marina

    Your beach day has come to an end, and it’s time to finish off in style. Dinner followed by conversation at a nice restaurant in La Marina will make a fantastic finishing touch. At El Camarote & The Roof, for example, you will find the finest Mediterranean cuisine and an exclusive selection of local products. The location is exceptional. You can book here.

    Panorama restaurant is also a perfect choice. Located on the north breakwater of La Marina, it offers truly spectacular sea views. There is a huge panoramic view of the beach and the city’s marina. And of course, you can enjoy a sophisticated aesthetic and select atmosphere. It’s perfect for relaxed after-dinner conversation and unique sunsets.

    Say goodbye to your day with dinner at La Marina

    Lastly, Vlue Arribar. The extensive menu of rice, fish and meat dishes is sure to delight. Don’t leave without sampling their housemade desserts. And to finish up, ask for the select wine list and fantastic cocktails.


    Timely information

    If you need any information, you’ll find a tourist information point by Las Arenas hotel. You can plan your visit or make your reservations there.

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