Holy Week 2022 in Valencia: The Great Plan

    Holy Week 2024 in Valencia: The Great Plan

    3/4/24 4:38 PM

    This Holy Week is shaping up to be as exciting as any.

    If you visit Valencia and you have a few days to spare, get ready because we have a full line-up of activities. Quite the plan!

    You can take your time getting to know the most beautiful spots in the city or taking in one of the many sightseeing tours of nearby areas. You can also enjoy cultural events, discover our Seafaring Holy Week, play outdoor sports and many other possibilities.

    And you'll have to eat, right? Relax with a culinary selection to die for. Give us a second and we'll tell you everything you can do. Warm up, you're going in!


    One-day getaways

    Boat trip through l'Albufera and lunch at El Palmar restaurant  

    Close your eyes and you'll think you're in a scene right out of the Spanish TV series Cañas y Barro, as you sail in the National Park on a traditional boat ('albuferenc'). Then treat yourself to the area's rich local cuisine at one of L'Albufera's finest restaurants. Share a rice dish with friends and family in a unique setting as part of this irresistible plan. What an experience!


    Boat trip through l'Albufera


    Immerse yourself in the culture of Valencian wine

    The area of Requena and Utiel is known for its wines and sausages. But its winemaking tradition dating back more than 2,600 years is what currently drives the area's economy. You will learn a lot about its unique terroir, the native Boval grape and many other curiosities on this outing that will take you to one of the wineries in the region for a wine-tasting session. The visit includes private transportation from anywhere in Valencia, a visit to the Cuevas de la Villa in Requena or to the Wine Museum of the Redonda de Utiel and a meal to savor the typical local dishes.  


    Immerse yourself in the culture of Valencian wine


    Real show-stoppers: the viewpoint of Garbí.

    About a 40-minute drive from Valencia is El Garbí, a peak located in the foothills of Serra Calderona. You can't leave Valencia without dropping by this impressive viewpoint, which offers unparalleled panoramas of the coastline of Valencia, and part of Alicante and Castellón. Don't forget your smartphone because the selfies you get will be the envy of everyone you show the photos to.  


    Holy Week with the smell of saltpeter 

    If you've never experienced the Seafaring Holy Week get ready for a surprise. The processions run through Valencia's maritime neighborhoods, giving this festival a special aroma and color. You owe it to yourself to take in the striking visuals of the Good Friday nighttime procession, the overflowing joy of Easter Sunday or the encounter of Christ the Savior and Christ of the Palm, which takes participants to the very shores of the Mediterranean. Another must-see tradition is the Saturday of Glory and its "trencà de perols". The residents of these seaside districts throw mud pots from their balconies and windows at dawn to express their joy at Christ's triumphant return to life. Enjoying this Seafaring Holy Week is the best way to let yourself go and discover the unique nature of our seaside neighborhoods.


    Learn the history of Cabanyal


    Typical Easter cuisine

    We take you to the kitchens of the restaurants in Cabanyal, where you can find con unique Easter eating experiences..

    Go on and give the typical dishes a try! A good example is Casa Montaña, a temple of tradition. Immerse yourself in its peculiar atmosphere, that of a quintessential tavern in the fishermen's district. Take advantage of the fact that they only make it during this time and order a Pepito, the most unique and seafaring version of this traditional sandwich! Or opt for the traditional titaina (tuna dish) or classic cod meatballs. You won't regret it!


    Guided tours spanning 2,000 years of history

    The historic center of Valencia holds secrets from ancient civilizations, from the Roman Valentia to the Muslim Balansiya. Walking through the narrow streets of Ciutat Vella means entering an environment with a rich heritage and the best examples of human architecture of the last 2,300 years. We recommend paying for one of the up to ten guided tours that will help you get to know our city better so you won’t miss anything. Book them conveniently online. Choose yours!


    The most original tours

    The most original tours


    One of the treasures housed in the city's Cathedral is the cup of wine that is believed to have been used by Jesus Christ at the last supper, the Holy Grail.

    This relic has inspired creators throughout history, who have linked it to adventures and epics. Experience your own as a family with the geocaching game “Tras las pistas del Santo Grial” (On the trail of the Holy Grail). You're on a mission to discover the hidden secrets of the Holy Grail and embark on an adventure.

    Another perfect way to explore the city is to use a fun app to discover the 5 routes with the most unique trees in Valencia. Ideal plans for the whole family!


    Culture, also at Easter

    This Holy Week, the city's museums and theaters offer a full range of cultural activities that you won't want to miss. If you also take in a concert here and there, what more could you ask for? Here's a preview to whet your appetite. Have a look to our cultural agenda or visit our ticket office and choose your show.




    Easter Cuisine

    Easter recipes

    While in Valencia, be sure to try all the typical Easter dishes served in the area and get ready to be carried away to flavor heaven. Try the star tapa of Easter at the Pelayo Gastro Trinquet Restaurant, a chance to see the only preserved Valencian pelota court in the city. Its most popular offering is its version of the popular Valencian cod meatballs. Look for the cod fritters on the menu.


    Set up your picnic

    Prepare it however you want, but be sure to include the classics of Valencian Easter: Easter sausages in the salty department, and in the sweet, the traditional Mona de Pascua (Easter Cake), the panquemao and raisin and walnut cake. 

    You can find assorted packs in the store Original CV, opposite the Central Market, or order them online on their website. And stop by the Charcutería Amparo or the Salazonarte stand in the Central Market and prepare a typical Valencian picnic.

    Set up your picnic


    The Tahona del Abuelo (Plaza de España, 1) and the Forn Llatzer (Aparicio Albiñana, 5) are the latest bakeries to be named by the Bakers' Guild of Valencia as the best producers of Easter sweets, with the Mona and the walnut and raisin cake leading the way. You have to try them...

    It's no secret that the food is great in Valencia, but now it's time to burn it all off with a plan for physical activities.


    Sport on land and sea

    Every day presents a great opportunity to bike ride through the city and enjoy the mild climate that we are blessed with all year round. This time of year is ideal for getting to know the city on two wheels. Go on one of the guided bike tours of the historic center, the Turia Garden and the City of Arts and Sciences. And if you want to go harder, try out the routes that will take you to the beaches south of the city. These are wild beaches, with pine forests in the middle of a natural park, nestled between dunes of fine white sand. Plus, in Easter, they won't be as crowded as in summer. Take advantage of this opportunity and start your own Tour of Valencia!

    Once at the beaches, you won't be able to resist enjoying the warm sunlight and the Mediterranean, as you give in to nautical activities. You can pick from several options. Paddle surfing lessons, windsurfing, renting a jet ski? These are all great ways to spend time with friends or family. You just have to decide which one you're in the mood for.

    The beaches south of the city


    Under the moonlight in Valencia (or how to enjoy a night out)

    If you still feel like going out after all that activity, you're in luck because you are in one of the cities with the liveliest nightlife there is. With a wide variety of options and hangouts, from places offering non-stop dancing, to others with a more relaxing vibe. And, despite being April, our warm climate will make the option of having a drink or refreshment while gazing at the mythical Valencia moon one of the most enticing possibilities you can find.

    You'll need more days to enjoy all these irresistible plans for Holy Week!

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