World’s flavours at the best international restaurants in València

    2/13/20 11:15 AM

    Is it possible to travel around the world by staying in Valencia? When it comes to gastronomy... absolutely! The city boasts great international restaurants and acclaimed chefs. And if you are one of the many who, as well as getting to know the traditional gastronomy, can’t do without the taste of exotic flavours on your holidays, València is your city!

    Argentinian, Italian, Mexican, Asian food... There is something for everyone - just take note and book before you get your mouth watering! 


    Steve Anderson's new restaurant has got the Valencians out of their minds! Baalbec's dishes will transport you to the other side of the Mediterranean in no time.  The menu includes Lebanese, Egyptian, Israeli and Turkish cuisine with the finest seasonal produce. This restaurant is known for its flavours, spices and strength in their dishes. Are you feeling up to it?


    Canalla Bistro by Ricard Camarena

    Ricard Camarena's most eclectic restaurant is the nearest thing to a culinary journey around the world. Located in Ruzafa district, Canalla Bistro's dishes will take you to various places where the chef was enchanted by his food. So, are you ready to get caught up in his dishes and flavours?


    Ma Khin Café

    At Columbus Market, Steve Anderson's Ma Khin Café brings local produce and Asian ingredients that create tasty, original, balanced and healthy dishes. In one of the city's most prestigious locations, the Colón Market, the restaurant's setting is unbeatable: spacious, vibrant and stylish.


    Voltereta, Welcome to Bali

    València welcomes you to Bali with its new restaurant by Voltereta. A spot in the heart of Valencia that will impress you. Not only will you be amazed by its flavours, but also by the surroundings, as they have really managed to recreate a space in which you can feel like in Bali itself.

    The menu includes dishes from all over the world: Mexico, Japan, China, and Cuba... There’s a multitude of choices!

    In addition, if you go to dinner on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday you will be able to dance and enjoy drinks till 3 in the morning. Party in Bali! Would you miss it?


    Three Essential Japanese

    In València there is no reason to complain as we have some of the best Japanese restaurants in Spain and our beloved Nozomi is one of them. In addition, it has been selected as one of the 10 most beautiful restaurants in the world.

    As a gastronomy lover, Nozomi Sushi Bar is a must on Valencia holiday. Its menu will charm you: starters, soups, salads, tartars, sashimis, usuzukoris, makis, uramakis, temakis and desserts you may never have seen. So what are you waiting for to book your table?

    In 2012 Komori came to the city, with Ricardo Sanz's Michelin star. From then on, he has not stopped growing and impressing his diners. Komori, one of the best Japanese restaurants in València, became a meeting point between Japanese and Mediterranean cultures. A combination of techniques and flavours make it a unique space in the city.

    The perfect balance between Japan and Spain is waiting for you at The Westin Valencia Hotel. Enjoy!

    Momiji has now joined the competition for the #1 Japanese in València. We are fortunate to have in València one of those spots that brings us closer to Nippon and the red leaves. Momiji is a sophisticated oyster and sushi bar in a unique space: the Colón Market. Enjoy!


    San Tommaso

    Would you like to enjoy the beautiful Italy in València? San Tommaso is the most traditional corner of Italy in the city. Its cuisine is incredible and it is a wonderful place. The cuisine is charismatic with a great variety of pizzas, fresh pasta and excellent Italian delicatessen. Located in the heart of the historic centre, it is perfect for encounters!


    Doña Petrona

    Journey through Argentina in one bite visiting Restaurant Doña Petrona in València. The perfect place any time of day, serving Breakfast, Lunch, Appetizers, Meals, Drinks... Always a good plan!

    Backing this project, two enthusiastic Argentinians, Germán Carrizo and Carito Lourenço, founders of the gastronomic consultancy Tandem Gastronómico, which together with Doña Petrona have wanted to create a relaxed and casual place in the heart of Ruzafa. This is a great plan! 


    Hard Rock Café

    Oh-yeah! If you love American food, Hard Rock Café València will seduce you. The ingredients are fresh and the recipes are our own. From a wide variety of starters: nachos, wings, etc.. To the main dishes like burgers, salads, sandwiches, meats, fish, and pasta. Go and experience an authentic American night!



    Raúl Aleixandre, Michelin star and three suns winner in the Repsol Guide, has started the project he has pursued all his life in València: BAOBAB. It is a restaurant that brings the best dishes from the Chef's famous family restaurant, Ca Sento, but in an improved and revamped version. Its menu includes Mediterranean cuisine in its purest form merged with international touches. Visit Baobab and experience it all!

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