This will also pass

    3/17/20 11:54 AM

    Split in two, torso and head, the enormous figure of a meditating woman presided over the square of Valencia's Town Hall for days. Its creators, the designer Escif and the Fallas artists Manolo Martín and José Ramón Espuig, unwittingly devised a premonitory Fallas monument. Under the slogan "This too shall pass", the municipal falla claimed for patience, calm and hope.


    With the decision to postpone the Fallas, Escif placed a mask on the protagonist of this year's monument. She will remain protected and vigilant until we can continue with our most international celebration. But her torso was consumed last night under the flames behind closed doors. The purifying sense of the Fallas fire made more sense than ever to announce to the world that this too shall pass. That we will be reborn stronger than ever, accepting the ephemeral nature of our Fallas and everything that happens in life.


    We will be patient; we will stay at home and we will take care of ourselves to welcome you back with open arms. Because we are missing you so much. Because we want to see our streets and squares full, to hear again the city´s bustle and to see and feel the commotion and laughter of the tourists walking around Valencia.


    Meanwhile, we invite you to dream. For once you won't need tickets or a suitcase to come and visit us. Because we have put together some 360º virtual tours (recorded some time ago, of course) that will make you feel as if you were here. Have a good trip!


    Stroll under the sun in the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, an amazing architectural complex.


    Enter the impressive columnar hall of the Lonja (the Silk Exchange), our UNESCO heritage monument.


    Listen to the sound of the Mediterranean Sea at Malvarrosa beach. 


    See and hear a mascletá. Maybe you can come and see one live of the eight that will be shot when all this passes!



    Enjoy the atmosphere of the Mercado de Colón, a meeting point for enjoyment and lovers of good food.


    Eat a paella with a sea view and order a beer:


    Encourage the runners of the Valencia Marathon. There are no more registrations for the next one, but can you imagine living it live on December 6th?




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