The best places to enjoy tapas in València

    6/6/20 1:51 PM

    It's time for spring, patios and local produce. What do we mean by that? We’re going for tapas! If you're a fan of Valèncian gastronomy, you can't miss the best tapas bars in the city. Warning! There is a risk of falling in love with the offer and not wanting to return home.

    València has the best groceries you can think of. On one hand, the Mediterranean Sea offers an exquisite and unique product, with its own ingredients such as tellinas cuttlefish, squid or cornflowers, all of them present in the bars of the Valèncian tapas. The corochina similar to mussels, but with a smaller size and a more intense tasty and delicate flavour, is seasonal between May and August so you may not find it available the rest of the year. On the other hand, the Valèncian vegetables, which adds to the tapas such traditional dishes as esgarraet, whose main base is roasted red pepper and cod, to which garlic and olive oil are also added.

    In addition to these dishes, in many of the bars you will find typical tapas such as patatas bravas, Spanish omelette, broad beans or scrambled eggs... so that no one is left feeling hungry!

    Have you grown an appetite? So here is a summary of some of the best places to eat tapas in València:

    Casa Montaña , the authentic tapas scene in Canyamelar, next to the Cabanyal district. Its star tapas are michirones, anchovies, cod brandade and patatas bravas, but any of the dishes served here are highly recommended. Also, if you enjoy wine tasting, this winery has an extensive wine list that will captivate you - a classic in València!

    In Colmado de La Lola   you will find a place that offers fresh products such as Valèncian oysters, cockles or sea urchins... Also boards of salted, smoked products and cheeses. Or unforgettable classics such as cod fritters, homemade croquettes or scrambled eggs truffled ... A delight in the heart of old town!

    While it is famous for its Terres hamburger, the MiCub restaurant   also has an extensive list of quality tapas such as tostas, bravas, croquetas... All made with fresh produce from the land and in a unique location: the Art Nouveau Colon Market Colon Market . You can't miss it!

    Another essential place to enjoy a quality tapas in València is the central market Central Market  and its surroundings. You will be amazed at the amount of gastronomical offer of this area! Inside is Central Bar, the old market bar where chef Ricard Camarena surprises with exquisite tapas and sandwiches with the best products he obtains every day in the market itself. If you don't want to sit down to eat, you can grab a bite and even pick up all kinds of olives and cured meats at the  Salazonarte  stall or sausage and cheeses to go to the Amparo Charcuteria.

    If you're really crazy about pintxos, you can't miss bars like Orio, the Basque tavern located in the centre of València, or Pica'p, a gastrobar where you can enjoy cutting-edge tapas but with the best quality raw material.

    In addition, Casa Isabel , Tapería Hispania , Taberna La Sénia  or Sagardi are among the restaurants that you can visit as they offer an interesting tapas range. 

    Some other legendary bars in the history of Valèncian tapas are Rausell, Zacarías, Maipi, La Pilatera and Aquarium. However, check early or make a reservation if possible, as most of them are always full. It's for a reason, right?

    To top it off, if you want to come back from your holidays being an expert in Valèncian cuisine and knowing all the details of its creation and preparation and places to enjoy, don't miss the Gastro Cultural Tour  organised by Visit València. Perfect for a visitor like you!

    Discover Valèncian tapas at its markets, restaurants and bars, you will not regret it!

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