10 hidden jewels that will delight you in València

    10 hidden jewels that will delight you in València

    6/13/20 1:42 PM

    When you visit a city you can easily overlook some of the “jewels " hidden from the major tourist attractions or those that keep greater enchantment than you might see at first glance. These are authentic architectural, historical or national treasures, interesting or unique places that are worth getting to know, but they are often missed in guidebooks and suggestions as they aren't found on the most popular tours. València has quite a few! And if you want to explore some of them, keep reading! We highly recommend 10 sites not to be missed.   


    1. St. Nicholas

    The St. Nicholas of Bari Church  is known as the Valencian 'Sistine Chapel' following its restoration in 2016. One of the city's oldest gothic-style churches, it is situated in calle Caballeros, right in the heart of the historic city centre. Don't leave Valencia without enjoying the splendour of the baroque frescoes covering more than 2,000 square metres of its vaults, walls and columns!

    St. Nicholas


    2. North Railway Station

    The València train station is one of the most beautiful in Spain. A spectacular modern building by Demetrio Ribes. The València North Railway station  features numerous decorations that represent Valèncian culture, emphasised by the incredible mosaics of its interior and façade, with vegetation patterns, oranges, and orange blossoms, all inspired by Valèncian agriculture. You will be fascinated!

    North Railway Station


    3. Marqués de dos Aguas Palace

    It is considered to be the Baroque's most representative monument in Spain. The Palace of the Marqués de dos Aguas is one of the city's hidden gems. Its façade impresses all, but in addition, it is home to the National Museum of Ceramics-González Martí, with its collection ranging from the 18th century to Picasso masterpieces. It also features an incredible ballroom that brings us back to some of the great Victorian palaces. Enjoy art right in the historic centre!

    Marqués de dos Aguas Palace


    4. Monforte Gardens

    A unique place with a romantic touch, situated near the Nursery Gardens - great for disconnection within the city! The neoclassical Monforte Gardens boast numerous sculptures, ponds, water fountains, promenades, lanes and leisure areas, all of which provide charming landscape touches. This is the ideal place to lose yourself or have a photoshoot. This romantic green space will make you fall in love!

    Monforte Gardens


    5. St. Michael of Kings

    The Monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes , one of València's finest representatives of renaissance architecture, is one of the gems that will amaze you on your visit to València. Currently it is home to the Valencian Library. In this building some of the most important events on the city’s agenda are held, among them the 10 Senses Festival  - Discover its history and architecture!

    St. Michael of Kings


    6. Toy Soldiers Museum

    So you’re a fan of the legendary little tin soldiers? Then you can't miss one of the most unique museums in the city and the world's largest museum of iconic miniatures. At the heart of the city's historic centre, the Toy Soldiers L'Iber Museum  holds an exhibition of over 95,000 pieces. It is also located in an old Gothic-style palace on Caballeros Street. You will surely be surprised by the great moments of history and the singularity of this collection.

    Toy Soldiers Museum


    7. Harbour Sheds

    For a different kind of visit, visit the Clock Tower and the Harbour Sheds , one of València's oldest gems. There are three industrial buildings of modern style showing trade and navigation highlights, with beautiful mosaics representing Valèncian culture. The perfect choice is to take a stroll through the harbour and admire another of Valencia's wonders: the Mediterranean.

    Harbour Sheds


    8. The Patriarch's Church

    Enjoy the narrow streets of València's Carmen district, one of the city's most charming places while discovering El Patriarca . Declared a National Monument and a Cultural Interest Asset, is one of the greatest examples of Renaissance architecture! At present it houses the College Museum, with works of art by Caravaggio, El Greco, Van Der Weyden, Benlliure, Ribalta and Pinazo, among others. This is a must for art lovers.

    The Patriarch's Church


    9. Gulliver Park

    This is also a hidden wonder, but for the little ones! The Gulliver Park, situated in the Turia Gardens , is a favourite place for both the young Valèncian children and small tourists. It is an incredible 70 metres sculpture with amazing slides which portrays the time when the Gigantic Gulliver, a character created by Jonathan Swift, arrived in the land of Lilliput and is under attack by the Lilliputians.  A wonderful and magical place to have fun in València!




    10. Museum of l'Almoina

    This is considered one of the best European archaeological sites and has traces of over 2,000 years. A space in which you can discover and understand the development of Valencia from its origins, from the time the Romans created the city, the Imperial Valentia to the present day, not forgetting the Visigoths and the Arabs. Be sure not to miss this unique underground piece of treasure!


    Museum of l'Almoina

    The 10 hidden gems of Valencia? You can find many other treasures on the Visit València website if you have time for more. Unveil the secrets of a city that will captivate you.


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