The restaurants of Valencia reinvent themselves

    6/8/20 9:05 AM

    Suddenly going out for lunch or dinner is a new experience for all of us. Something that used to be part of everyday life is now extraordinary, a break with monotony, an opportunity for a reunion, one of the little joys of this new life. Many restaurants in Valencia have reinvented themselves to offer us, with all the security warranties, the moment of pleasure that we so much need.


    Some have rearranged their rooms, others their menus or the ways to get to our tables. They all deserve our applause: from those who debut with the delivery service to the brave ones who are the first to reopen their terraces. Here are some of the new suggestions you can take note of when you make a reservation, because you certainly have something to celebrate!


    • A terrace with stars. Who said anything about being scared? Ricard Camarena has never been afraid, and after the pandemic it won't be any different. He has moved the service of his gastronomic restaurant to the garden terrace of the spectacular Art Deco building, which also houses the Bombas Gens Art Centre. With the quality and originality that distinguishes him, he now offers his two Michelin-star menu in the open air, in a atmosphere that could not be more appealing.


    • Dacosta's dishes, now delivered to your home. Quique´s team has also embarked on a new adventure with its QDelivery He presents you with a selection of gastronomic dishes from his restaurants Vuelve Carolina, Mercatbar and Llisa Negra, prepared in such a way that they do not lose their quality and taste on the road and you can enjoy them at home or wherever you like. Do you still need an excuse? Place your order!


    • Two Repsol Suns in your kitchen. Nacho Romero - Restaurant Kaymus - has also taken a step forward with another groundbreaking proposal. Do you have a celebration in mind or would you simply like to prepare a very special dinner? Nacho Romero, who has been nominated for a Michelin star in 2012, has announced that he will come to your home or to the place of your choice and cook for you. Enjoy his creativity in your own kitchen
    • Haute cuisine or sandwiches, but always with good wine. Begoña Rodrigo also announces news for the coming weeks, namely the reopening of her gastronomic star restaurant La Salita at a new location in the Ruzafa district. It will share space with another new project, El Huerto, with a kitchen where vegetables will be the main element. In addition, in the former La Salita headquarters, the Farcit restaurant will be opened, a place where sandwiches are served based on the quality of the product and where this fast but high-quality cuisine can be combined with good wines and beers. Three very different openings, you will have to try them!
    • Cuisine with art. The opening of Lienzo, a restaurant with a Repsol Sun, is approaching and also brings news. Chef María José Martínez is launching a delivery line with the restaurant's musts in a home version and will also open on 5 June with a new travelling art exhibition. This space was an old gallery and for the reopening it returns with all the flavour and new artistic proposals. What more could you ask for?


    These are just some of the latest suggestions from our chefs. You can now visit their websites and make a reservation by phone, but we will keep you informed!


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